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Behind the Scenes Gift Certificates

Give the gift of an Education Program to someone you know! A gift certificate will be emailed to the purchaser (please allow up to 72 hours for delivery). The certificate can be used to purchase Up-Close Adventures and Education Programs here at the zoo!

Early Bird Tour

Set your alarm and join an Educator to learn more about your favorite Fresno Chaffee Zoo animals! This outdoor guided tour will take you throughout the Zoo and to your favorite exhibits to see how the animals and zookeepers start their day. End your tour with a breakfast snack and beverage from the Kudu Café!

Gills & Thrills

Get ready for a jaw-some experience! Pull on some waders and join our zookeepers, white-spotted bamboo sharks, and nurse sharks in the Stingray Bay pool! Learn what it takes to care for the sharks and rays while side-by-side with our zookeepers for a shark training session.

Roo Rendezvous

Hop on over to meet our mob of red kangaroos! Learn all about these large marsupials while feeding them some of their favorite snacks!

Scales & Tales

Do you love reptiles and amphibians? Then this is the experience for you! With this adventure, you will have exclusive access to some of the Zoo’s most interesting reptiles. You’ll have the opportunity to meet a zookeeper who will take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Reptile House, then end your experience with an up-close encounter with a giant Galapagos tortoise!

Tall Tails

Come meet the tallest residents in Fresno to learn about the special methods zookeepers have for caring for them! Visit the giraffes in an exclusive viewing yard and hand them some tasty lettuce!

Tortally Shellstruck

Learn all about Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s giant Galapagos tortoise during this hands-on encounter! Complete your adventure by giving him some scratches and tasty treats!

Trunk Time

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to care for an African elephant? On this tour, guests have the opportunity to discover the ins and outs of daily elephant care while touring our elephant house. Guests will even have the opportunity to watch an exclusive elephant training session and toss the elephants some of their favorite treats!

The Roar Tour

Join a Behind the Scenes Interpreter on a journey to both the savanna and the jungle! Visit the lion building to learn about their care, then head over to the tiger building for a private training session and photo opportunity!

Sloth Bear Necessities

Is it a sloth? Is it a bear? They’re sloth bears! Come join a Behind the Scenes Interpreter to learn about our sloth bears and what it takes to care for them! Tour the sloth bear building then witness their powerful suction as they slurp up some food!

Wild About Warthogs

Meet the warthogs and give them a scratch in this exciting adventure!